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Music brings people closer together

The conflicted world we inhabit often seems to concentrate more on the differences that divide us, rather than the things that unite us. 

We share one dream. We want to open a dialogue between cultures through the universal language of music. 

By putting together different cultural influences in one pot, spicing it up with a variety of music genres, and serving it on a plate of our love for Ireland and Galway in particular, we bring our listeners a unique musical dish to enjoy. 

We hope to get a message across that differences should be celebrated, and in fact, there's way more that connects us. Our pains and sorrows, joys and loves, battles won and lost are what makes us all human. It has been sung in folklore songs and told in stories for generations and we want to continue on this tradition giving it a bit more modern outfit. 

Back to the roots

The World Music / Ethno-pop terms seems to best describe our current repertoire, and also leaves enough freedom for us to explore the uncharted territories of this ever-growing realm. 

Born where cultures collide

We met in Galway - a colourful town in the very middle of the wildly beautiful Irish Atlantic coast. However, the beauty of the place is only a part of its glory. Being a stronghold of Irish traditions, it is also a multicultural melting pot, where people from all over the world meet. The bohemian spirit of the place makes one feel naturally inclined to contribute to the vibrant cultural patchwork by cherishing and sharing traditions brought here from various backgrounds and all corners of the world

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