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"Zoriushka" is an old Russian song which most likely comes from Siberian Cossacks. It was traditionally sung to brides-to-be. It depicts the cycles of sunrise and sunsets over forests, paths, bridges and people crossing them as a metaphor indicating that life in general follows a certain pattern.

Vershe is a song that hails from the tradition of the Lemko people - an ethnic group historically inhabiting the Carpathian Mountains along the border of today's Ukraine, Poland, and Slovakia.

Having experienced major emigration at the turn of the 20th century, followed by compulsory resettlement after World War II, their rich culture almost disappeared.  The Lemko language, even though uprooted from its natural environment, survived in stories, and songs such as this one. 

Zozulya is a traditional Ukrainian song “Летіла зозуля”, telling a story of a girl who fell in love with a married man and sings her regrets to a cuckoo. Arranged to include some of our Irish and Polish musical influences, it was supposed to be our next release, but we never imagined that we would be finalising it in such tragic circumstances. All of us have been supporting various Irish and Polish humanitarian aid actions individually, but we want to show our solidarity and try to help as a band, as well. Our goal now is to make our music contribute to these noble efforts as much as possible. Hence, we decided to release “Zozulya” in a different format, allowing you to download it directly from our web shop in exchange for a humanitarian aid donation in the amount of your choice.

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